Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 9

This was a tough week. It was an "easy" week running wise because of less miles, but I had my two upper wisdom teeth out on Monday on an urgent basis because of pain. I ran before the appointment and then took Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off. I had a tough time keeping hydrated and eating well because of pain and nausea so had absolutely no ambition to run. Started up again on Friday and did an 11 mile run on Sunday.

Did the 11 miler with my sister, Nicole. Her plan (she is also training for Fox Cities Marathon) called for 11 so that's what we did. We were thinking we would have to take shifts on my treadmill to get this run in because the forecast called for storms. But in the morning, it was clear so we started out running outside. Soon, it started to drizzle and that lasted for about five miles then it completely dried up the last six. Literally, as soon as we finished it began to storm- thunder, lightening, and down-pouring rain. We felt so lucky to be able to run outside together and have great conversation!

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