Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 7

My feet started to feel better this week. This was a milestone week for me- my longest run ever! Molly and I ran 14 miles on Friday June 25 on the Wiouwash trail in Greenville. It went well but the last two miles were especially tough because of the 3 large hills. We ran the 14 miles in 2 hours 6 minutes which is a 9:00 pace. Molly dropped some water along the course so we had plenty of water, I brought Gatorade which I drank the last 3 miles which helped give me more energy.

Weekly mileage was 33 running miles, 36 miles including walking miles.

On Saturday I took the day off from running to recover from the 14 miler the day before. Unfortunately, I tweaked my knee a little, I think when standing up with Eleanor. I will take it easy until it's healed.

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  1. I think you are doing terrific and I can't wait to be at you and Kris's first marathon...may even do the half if my knee permits! Don't know what got into me!