Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 8

Strong running week- 36 miles of running. Long run was 16 miles. Molly and I ran from south Neenah (my house) to the Town of Menasha (to my parent's) and back.

When I first started training for HMs, I remember the trek from my house to my parent's house (8 miles) seemed REALLY long. I remember thinking, "if I ever train for a marathon, I will not only run TO but BACK as well." That always seemed like a far-off possibility. Until now, when I accomplished the out and back.

We ran on the morning of Friday July 11. Started out about 7:15 and it was already pretty warm. Molly dropped water at about 5 miles which was much needed. We also got water at my parent's. Used gel about mile 10.5 which gave me a nice burst of energy. Mile 14.5 felt like I was fading so ate some beans. The last mile felt like it took forever, the last half mile an eternity. When my Garmin hit 16 miles we celebrated with a high five.

The 16 miles were run in 2 hours 23 min which is a 8:56 pace.

I felt as great about finishing this run as any HM I have ever done. What a great day!

Injury-wise, doing well. Heel pain diminishing and knee pain gone (knock-on-wood)).

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