Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week 11

Good running week. 33 total miles. Long run was again another mileage milestone- 18 miles! We ran with the Pacesetters group. Our time was 2 hours 48 min which is a 9:20 pace. I ran outside for most of my runs this week and I think that caused my feet to hurt a little worse than usual. I got through the run just fine. My energy level was just a tad lower from the week before. The weather was great for running- overcast, cool, with a light mist. We were SOAKED at the end. I enjoyed talking with some of the other runners, most are also training for FCM. I received a lot of positive comments about my pace for this being my first marathon.

Week 10

This one one of my strongest running weeks, perhaps because of coming off of easy week. Ran 35 miles. The long run was scheduled for 16 miles but Molly and I were feeling good so we did 17 miles in 2 hours 35 minutes which is a 9:07 pace. We were planning on running on Saturday with the Pacesetters, but there was rain/storms that morning so we pushed the run to Sunday. We ran from my house to my parent's and back. My energy level was fantastic, which I attributed to a high carb dinner the night before, which included sweet potato fries. It was such a great feeling hitting a new mileage milestone. Besides my feet, I was not sore the next day! I think alot of that is from doing yoga on a regular basis.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 9

This was a tough week. It was an "easy" week running wise because of less miles, but I had my two upper wisdom teeth out on Monday on an urgent basis because of pain. I ran before the appointment and then took Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off. I had a tough time keeping hydrated and eating well because of pain and nausea so had absolutely no ambition to run. Started up again on Friday and did an 11 mile run on Sunday.

Did the 11 miler with my sister, Nicole. Her plan (she is also training for Fox Cities Marathon) called for 11 so that's what we did. We were thinking we would have to take shifts on my treadmill to get this run in because the forecast called for storms. But in the morning, it was clear so we started out running outside. Soon, it started to drizzle and that lasted for about five miles then it completely dried up the last six. Literally, as soon as we finished it began to storm- thunder, lightening, and down-pouring rain. We felt so lucky to be able to run outside together and have great conversation!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The love/hate relationship with training for a marathon

1. Obsessively checking the detailed hourly forecast on Intellicast, over and over, hoping this time that the temperature/humidity/wind/precipitation forecast will have changed to more favorable.
2. Prepping the night before a long run- laying out all running gear/making sure the Garmin is charged
3. Going to the store specifically to purchase Gatorade/Shot Bloks/gel/bananas/protein bars
4. Planning the route with running partner.
5. Planning where to drop water with running partner.
6. Convincing self that 12 miles is really more of a short run that a long run, after all, it's easy week!
7. Reading Daily Mile 5 times per day.

Week 8

Strong running week- 36 miles of running. Long run was 16 miles. Molly and I ran from south Neenah (my house) to the Town of Menasha (to my parent's) and back.

When I first started training for HMs, I remember the trek from my house to my parent's house (8 miles) seemed REALLY long. I remember thinking, "if I ever train for a marathon, I will not only run TO but BACK as well." That always seemed like a far-off possibility. Until now, when I accomplished the out and back.

We ran on the morning of Friday July 11. Started out about 7:15 and it was already pretty warm. Molly dropped water at about 5 miles which was much needed. We also got water at my parent's. Used gel about mile 10.5 which gave me a nice burst of energy. Mile 14.5 felt like I was fading so ate some beans. The last mile felt like it took forever, the last half mile an eternity. When my Garmin hit 16 miles we celebrated with a high five.

The 16 miles were run in 2 hours 23 min which is a 8:56 pace.

I felt as great about finishing this run as any HM I have ever done. What a great day!

Injury-wise, doing well. Heel pain diminishing and knee pain gone (knock-on-wood)).

Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 7

My feet started to feel better this week. This was a milestone week for me- my longest run ever! Molly and I ran 14 miles on Friday June 25 on the Wiouwash trail in Greenville. It went well but the last two miles were especially tough because of the 3 large hills. We ran the 14 miles in 2 hours 6 minutes which is a 9:00 pace. Molly dropped some water along the course so we had plenty of water, I brought Gatorade which I drank the last 3 miles which helped give me more energy.

Weekly mileage was 33 running miles, 36 miles including walking miles.

On Saturday I took the day off from running to recover from the 14 miler the day before. Unfortunately, I tweaked my knee a little, I think when standing up with Eleanor. I will take it easy until it's healed.